Using SDR Touch to calibrate PPM of a RTL-SDR Dongle


If you do not want to mess arround with PPM settings, buy a high quality dongle with fix PPM of 1.

  1. Start SDR Touch app and go to 162.025 MHz ( AIS Vessel Freq Chan B )#1-ppm-rtlsdr--sdrtouch-freq-setting
  2. Switch to Spectrum view and zoom in#2-ppm-rtlsdr--sdrtouch-settings
  3. PPM setting is in SDR Touch not where you expect it.
    Setting is under menu >>Gain<<
  4. Now see the result in the spectrum. So my dongle has got about 44 ppm
    # 4ppm rtlsdr sdrtouch ppm result

 Use this PPM value in the AIS Share app.

AIS Share ppm Settings