Is App XY compatible with AIS Share ?

Lot of users asking if chart App XY is compatible with AIS Share.
Basically any third party app supporting AIS messages via UDP or TCP should compatible.

To simply test such a connection there is a Debug/Test mode implemented in AIS Share. In this mode you can test the communication at home without need to connect the USB Dongle

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Practical Boat Owner Test AIS Share

David Berry from Practical Boat Owner shows how to make an AIS receiver with an Android Phone or Tablet and a dongle. He use AIS Share to stream data to Boat Beacon a very popular chart navigation app. See the full article on

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AIS Receiver Shopping Guide

USB OTG cable

Depending on your device you need an USB Micro or USB C cable.
A USB Y has normally less quality but it allow you to keep your device charging at the same time as using the RTL SDR-dongle.

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Amazon USA
International Shipping (Aliexpress)
Budget Store – but shipping ~ 3 weeks
USB C Adapter OTG OTG Cable Micro USB OTG Micro USB Y

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Note for Y cables:
It is important that you connect the power and the RTL-SDR dongle to the Y cable first before connecting it to your device otherwise it won’t charge the device – there is a video about this here:-

DVB-T Stick / RTL-SDR Stick

Search for RTL2832U / 820T / 820T2 USB stick.
I recommend high quality dongles which are more expensive but PPM is fix and stable around 0 or 1 . (0,5 PPM TCXO)

Amazon Deutschland
Amazon USA
International AliExpress
Budget Store – but shipping ~ 3 weeks
RTL SDR 0.5 PPM RTL2832U+R820T HDTV TV Tuner R820T

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AIS Share

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases


RTL SDR AIS App and AIS Share App


It is an Android app that decodes AIS messages transmitted by vessels , ships, over radio using a cheap USB DVB-T /RTL-SDR stick.

AIS messages are transmitted over VHF.
Channel A: 161.975 MHz
Channel B: 162.025 MHz.
The app decodes both channels simultaneously.
This app needs no internet connection, it decodes the real time received messages.
This is a truly standalone full featured AIS receiver.

The received messages will be translated into NMEA0183 strings which can be forwarded then via UDP or TCP streaming to third-party apps, PC programs or other devices.
Such Apps can display the received AIS data for example on a map along with information about the received objects.

Please note: The app needs additional (very cheap) hardware to receive the radio signals.


  • Cheap AIS dual channel AIS receiver
  • Low power consummation
  • Easy to install
  • Receive VHF AIS radio signals via DVB-T / RTL SDR USB Stick
  • Decode AIS messages into NMEA0183 strings ( !AIVDM )
  • Send this messages via Network (UDP/TCP)
  • Device location (GPS,Network) translation into NMEA strings
  • location NEMA forwarding via Network (UDP)(GPGSV,GPGSA,GPZDA,GPRMC,..)


Typical cost about ~ 15 -35 €
You need

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