Is App XY compatible with AIS Share ?

Lot of users asking if chart App XY is compatible with AIS Share.
Basically any third party app supporting AIS messages via UDP or TCP should compatible.

To simply test such a connection there is a Debug/Test mode implemented in AIS Share. In this mode you can test the communication at home without need to connect the USB Dongle

Go to Debug/Test
Enable the slider to activate Debug/test

Configure in AIS Share / Settings / AIS Output the communication settings
In this example i want to share AIS date to an App which is running on the same device.
Therefore I enter as IP address and as Port 10112
Note: The port number can be in theory any number: both app’s need to be configured on the same port. In practice port number 2000 or 10112 is good example

Start demo mode with the pink play button

As partner app i choose in my example BoatBeacon
In their setting page i choose the same Port: 10112

And as a result i see dummy fake ships.

With this procedure you can basically test your apps without having real AIS reception and without connect your USB dongle.

If you have any problems with any specific app just write it in the comments or better write me a email under

Here are some slideshows about other apps I test


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