Is App XY compatible with AIS Share ?

Lot of users asking if chart App XY is compatible with AIS Share.
Basically any third party app supporting AIS messages via UDP or TCP should compatible.

To simply test such a connection there is a Debug/Test mode implemented in AIS Share. In this mode you can test the communication at home without need to connect the USB Dongle

Go to Debug/Test
Enable the slider to activate Debug / test

Configure in AIS Share / Settings / AIS Output the communication settings
In this example i want to share AIS date to an App which is running on the same device.
Therefore I enter as IP address and as Port 10112
Note: The port number can be in theory any number: both app’s need to be configured on the same port. In practice port number 2000 or 10112 is good example

Start demo mode with the pink play button

As partner app i choose in my example BoatBeacon
In their setting page i choose the same Port: 10112

And as a result i see dummy fake ships.

With this procedure you can basically test your apps without having real AIS reception and without connect your USB dongle.

9 fake ships (Berlin, Paris, Moscow, North Sea, Argentinia, Washington DC, Australia, Sud Africa, Japan ) will generated. For Ship 10 you can define a location you want.

If you have any problems with any specific app just write it in the comments or better write me a email under

Here are some slideshows about other apps I test


Please note: If your map subscription in Navionics do not cover the position of the 9 fake ships (Berlin, Paris, Moscow, North Sea, Argentinia, Washington DC, Australia, Sud Africa) – you won’t see any ships on the Navionics map.
Therefore since AisShare V1.2.0 you can define a “Custom Simulated Position”, which user can define by there own.

UPDATE 2020-07-13: Some users reported that AIS Targets just be visible for some seconds. I contact NAVIONICS support and they made an update addressing this issue.
Since version Boating HD 12.2 this sould be solved. If you still find issues please report it.

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8 thoughts on “Is App XY compatible with AIS Share ?”

    1. 20.02.2020
      When the Demo/Debug modus is enabled in AisShare it will simulated up to 9 ships.
      Berlin,Moscow,North Sea, Argentina,Washington,Australia, Sud Africa and Japan.
      If you Navionics Subscribtion is not covering these places – you won’t see any ships. (Seems a limitation in Navionics)
      I will work on a solution where you can enter a Position (long/lat) for an extra dummy ship. Will update my software in the next 2 week.

      1. 25.02.2020
        The app is now upaded. Since version 1.2.0 you can define a custom position.
        The custom position should of course cover your map subscription in Navionics. Ship Nr. 10 will be fake simulated on this position.
        I also updated the slide show and text in the post.

  1. Trying to use the Demo Mode, in Navionics it shows “AIS Datenempfang” and “verbunden” (connected) in green, AIS ist switched on in ‘Kartenoptionen’. I habe entered the Coodinates für Flensburg, but Navionics doesn’t show any Boat in the Map. Do you habe any Idea what the problem might be?

    1. Do you have a subscription in Navionics Boating App where Flensburg is part of the map ?
      For example i have a subscription for Croatia in Navionic. Only AIS Traget of this area are shown up.
      For more help please contact me at ( gerne auch in deutsch)

  2. Hello Christian,
    I tried ais-share with open cpn and with naviship. In both cases the reception of packages stops as soon as I start one of those two applications, which then only show the last ais Infos that were picked up before. There are no updates of those packages as long as I don’t restart ais share. Any idea?
    Thanks for help

  3. Hi Christian,
    Navionics does not show ais positions:
    – AIS Share and navionics on the Same device.
    – Demo Position Form the Ship: 54,0331281, 10,7632803 which is in the Lübecker Bucht
    – AIS is enabled in AIS settings with 6min vector length in navionics App.
    – navionics App map subscription for Lübecker Bucht is enabled.

    Navionics version: 12.5
    AIS Share Version 1.2
    Android version: 7.1.1
    Model Lenovo Tab 4

    Navionics App says, Data is recieved by AIS

    Can you help?

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