Dump1090 Shopping Guide

What’s needed

What is necessary to build an mobile “to go” ADS-B receiver with your Android phone, tablet, TV-Box.

In this post I will show you buying links to components like USB Cable, RTL-SDR Dongle, Antenna.

Estimate total costs from 20€ to 50€ with good hardware components from Aliexpress. Could be the half if you already have some components.

FAQ Dump1090 Android

Frequently Asked Questions:: All about Android Dump1090 ADS-B App
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What is it ?

The app convert your android phone, tablet or TV Box to a ADS-B receiver and show received aircrafts on a map.
Please note that my basic idea was not to replace Raspberry Pi style receivers or similar. This should give you the possibility to watch aircrafts “to go” on your mobile devices.
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