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1. Don’t kill my APP

Before we start to explain the different export possibilities please read this first

If you want to use the export function, you probably just put Dump1090 in background and switch your screen off.
Since Android 6 – Google introduces Battery Optimization policy.
When you start Dump1090 you will see two notifications that the Driver ( RTL-SDR Driver) and Dump1090 runs – that meet’s Google Policy to inform user that a APP is still running in background.

Unfortunately some tablet / phone manufacturer have a very strict battery saving policy which even breaks Android specifications. For example they just kill a App running not in visible foreground after x minutes.

To prevent that, you normally have to add BOTH apps on the Battery Optimization Whitelist (not optimized).

Battery Optimization White List

If you choose to export data – Dump1090 Android will check if RTL SDR Driver AND DUMP1090 is already on the battery white list. If not the following pop up dialog will appear.

By pressing on the button WHITELIST you will directed to your Android Device Battery Optimization Whitelist settings.

PLEASE note: That screen will look differently depending on the Vendor or / and Android Version.
More Infos for your Vendor or Android version can be found here.
Don’t kill my app! | Hey Android vendors, don’t kill my app! (dontkillmyapp.com)

2. Activate Data Export

You can access the settings for data export in Dump1090 Android on the “AIRCRAFT” tab page by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner and select Settings / Export data

TCP Server

Dump1090 Android acts as a server. That means extern applications can connect to your Android device. Depending on the chosen connection Dump1090 Android will listen on specific port Number for incoming connections.
Other applications needs to know the IP Address of your device where Dump1090 is running and needs to be in the same network (Home Wifi for example)
To find your IP Address search in Google Play Store for Apps like “IpConfig”

Export Beast Format

Dump1090 provides Information on Port: 30005
The Beast Format also named RAW or binary format send’s every received Mode-S Message out.
That means high data traffic which should no be a problem when you in your own Wifi Home network.

Export AVR Format

Dump1090 provides Information on Port: 30002
AVR format is also a kind of raw data format but send as String message. Messages would look like


Also here, every received Mode-S Message will send out.
That means high data traffic which should no be a problem when you in your own Wifi Home network.

Export BaseStation (SBS-1) Format

Dump1090 provides Information on Port: 30003
BaseStation format is a kind of compressed data format. Message is already translated to a useable format ( Raw Message format like Beast and AVR needs to be decoded by 3rd party applications which have pro and cons)


Data traffic is moderate.

TCP Client

Dump1090 active connect to IP Address or www Address on specific port to send data in a format you choose.
You can choose between Beast / AVR and BaseStation format. ( Just click on the Export Format)
Please note: If you choose a RAW format like Beast or AVR data will not send out as frequent as on TCP Server connection. This will save bandwidth especially if you connect to internet server .

Unfortunately you can’t directly feed to popular Internet based feeding sites like Flightaware or FlightRadar.
These service have some kind of specially encrypt connections to their server. They only support data upload with their own feeder programs only running on RasperyPI (correct me if im wrong).
I managed to upload data in BaseStation format to ADSBHub – Free ADS-B Data Exchange and Plane Tracking

Questions ? look here

If you have more question or something is not working as expected – please feel free to contact me

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  1. Hi, great app! Can I ask You how can I export in BaseStation (SBS-1) format as a csv file on local android storage. Is it possible? Thank You!

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